Winter White Sangria Recipe

Two drinking glasses filled with wine and fruit.

This Winter White Sangria recipe is a festive, sparkly drink that shows off the fruits and spices we love during the holiday season. Packed full of delicious, comforting flavors including apples, pears, cranberries, and cinnamon, this quick and easy winter cocktail is the perfect holiday drink. I like to make a batch of this whiteRead more

Ginger Snap Cocktail

A rum cocktail in a glass on a table

Ginger Snap Cocktails are a must-have during the holiday season. A delicious cookie in a cup, this easy and festive drink recipe is full of the warm and spicy, winter flavours we look forward to all year long. What is a Ginger Snap Cocktail? When I think of the classic, full-of-Grandma’s-love gingersnaps, I get hitRead more

Cranberry Walnut Shortbread Cookies

Cranberry Walnut Shortbread Cookies

Don’t you just love holiday cookies? Cranberry Walnut Shortbread Cookies are a favourite at my house this time of year, and baking them together around Christmastime has become a highly-anticipated tradition. These shortbread cookies — which are, by the way, one of the “official” holiday cookies — truly embrace the decadence of winter wonderlands andRead more

Holiday Charcuterie Board

An irregularly shaped wooden charcuterie board filled with meat, cheese, olives, nuts and fruit, surrounded by crackers and bread.

This holiday season may look a little different. Our gatherings may be smaller. But we can still make our celebrations special and this Holiday Charcuterie Board is a perfect way to do that. When our family gets together, charcuterie is always involved.    What Exactly is Charcuterie? Originally the word charcuterie (pronounced “shahr-ku-tuh-ree”) referred toRead more

Slow Cooker Cabbage Rolls

Slow Cooker Cabbage Rolls

Slow Cooker Cabbage Rolls take a classic comfort dish and make it even more comforting. Because the slow cooker is all about comfort food. It’s a wonderful thing to come home to a house filled with mouth-watering aromas and dinner already made. I get a happy feeling just thinking about it as I go aboutRead more