Grilled Plum and Pork Kebabs – Pork Kabobs Recipe

Grilled Plum & Pork Kebabs

Grilled Plum and Pork Kebabs are a perfect casual summer meal. Summer is not over yet. I’m planning on keeping it going as long as possible and I’m still grilling and I’m making these skewers of succulent pork and juicy plums.

Grilled Plum and Pork Kebabs
Grilled Plum and Pork Kebabs

History of the Kebab

Did you know that kebabs originated in Turkey, as shish kebabs? The words “shish kebab” literally mean “skewer of roast meat”. However, you can find skewers of roasted meat in the cuisines of many cultures. Think satay in the Orient, souvlaki in Greece, or brochettes in France. Here’s a great article about the Origins Of  The Shish Kebab. Whatever you call them, kebabs are an easy and delicious way to grill or roast meats, and veggies, too.

Summer is all about grilling. We love cooking out on the grill, and coming up with new ways to do it. Since everyone loves food on a stick, these plummy pork skewers are perfect for a party snack or, for a main meal served with a salad and rice. Kebabs are a fun way to be creative on the grill.

But you don’t have to wait for summer to make these plum and pork kebabs. You can cook them on an indoor grill, under the broiler, or even on the stove top.

Grilled Plum and Pork Kebabs
Grilled Plum and Pork Kebabs

Sweet & Savory Ingredients are perfect for Grilling together

In keeping with my summer fruit theme, I made an Asian Plum Sauce, but still had some plums left over, so they got skewered up and went on the grill with the pork and some red onion. The plum sauce turned out to be a perfect dipping sauce for the grilled pork & plum kebabs.

I’m using black plums, also called Japanese plums, for this recipe. But any variety of plum will be just as good.  This summer I’ve been having fun using all of our area’s seasonal  fruit bounty in savory dishes, like pizza with balsamic cherries, chicken with red currant sauce, and an arugula salad with grilled apricots. For these kebabs, I marinated the pork and the plums together. The Asian inspired marinade is tangy and slightly sweet with just a hint of spice.

Grilled Plum and Pork Kebabs

How To Make Grilled Plum and Pork Kebabs

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Grilled Plum & Pork Kebabs
Grilled Plum and Pork Kebabs
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
10 mins
Total Time
20 mins

Plums and pork are a perfect pairing for these delicious kebabs, and an Asian plum dipping sauce is the crowning touch.

Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Asian, Barbecue
Servings: 8 kebabs
Calories: 299 kcal
Author: Colleen
  • 1/4 cup tamari or soy sauce
  • 1/4 cup rice vinegar
  • 3 tbsp honey
  • 3 tbsp hoisin sauce
  • 2 tbsp sesame oil
  • 1 clove garlic minced or crushed
  • 1 thumb sized knob ginger peeled and grated
  • 1/2 tsp  red pepper flakes
  • 1 lb pork tenderloin cubed
  • 8 black or purple plums halved and pitted
  • 1 red onion quartered and divided into slices
  • Chopped fresh cilantro or flat leaved parsley for garnish
  1. Whisk first 8 ingredients together for the marinade, and pour into a zip lock bag.
  2. Add pork and plums. Seal and put in fridge for at least an hour, or overnight.
  3. Heat grill to high.
  4. Divided between 8 soaked wooden skewers, or metal ones, thread pork, plums, and onion.
  5. Lightly oil grill. Grill, covered, about 6 minutes, turning often, until pork is no longer pink inside.
  6. Garnish with cilantro or parsley
  7. Serve with Asian Plum Sauce for dipping.
Recipe Notes

*If using wooden skewers, soak skewers for an hour in water before using, to prevent burning.

Nutrition Facts
Grilled Plum and Pork Kebabs
Amount Per Serving (2 kebabs)
Calories 299 Calories from Fat 99
% Daily Value*
Fat 11g17%
Saturated Fat 2g10%
Cholesterol 74mg25%
Sodium 1075mg45%
Potassium 542mg15%
Carbohydrates 22g7%
Fiber 1g4%
Sugar 17g19%
Protein 25g50%
Vitamin A 185IU4%
Vitamin C 2.3mg3%
Calcium 20mg2%
Iron 1.8mg10%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Grilled Plum and Pork Kebabs

Grilled Plum and Pork Kebabs


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  1. I need neighbours like that with plum trees. Looks delicious as always and beautiful photography and food styling colleen. thanks for sharing.

  2. Colleen, I am a BIG fan of cooking with fruit, and I think stone fruit might be my favourite. I love the Asian flavours in here too – they go so well with plums. I’ve got to try this before we’re out of plums!

  3. Oh wow Colleen! These look absolutely drool worthy! I need to get some fresh BC plums to give this a try!

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